Karen A. Litzinger

Career coaching can help you effectively address both of these questions to reach optimal career success and satisfaction.

If you are wondering about your career choice, career counseling can help you clarify who you are and learn what's out there. If you want to make sure your resume doesn't get lost in the black hole of no response, job search coaching can help you present yourself in the best way and land interviews.

Career consulting can assist:

  • Employed individuals seeking greater career satisfaction or advancement
  • Unemployed individuals who need career transition or job search assistance
  • Stay-at-home parents seeking reentry into the workforce
  • High school students applying to college or training programs or seeking employment
  • College students seeking guidance on internships, careers or jobs
  • Corporations providing outplacement services for laid-off employees
  • Organizations wanting employees to have polished business etiquette

Karen Litzinger is a highly experienced career coach with over twenty-five years of experience who can help you move forward with confidence.

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